ConfirMap plug and plays with any mobile C-arm and streamslines with the existing workflow, making it accessible to any surgical centre.


Quick visualization of large operative anatomies enables quantitative evaluation at desired points ensuring accurate execution of the surgical plans.


ConfirMap provides access to automatically-calibrated bi-planar composite views, allowing for conducting accurate analytics during surgery.

  • Clinical Use Case 1:

    Spinal Deformity Correction Surgery

    ConfirMap provides easy access to quick and accurate assessment of the global spinal alignments and in direct comparison to the surgical plan during spinal deformity correction surgery. The system analytical tools provides the critical information to the surgical staff regarding of amount correction achieved on both coronal and sagittal planes, and assist the surgeons making more informed decisions at the point of care.

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    SPine Deformity Solution

Checking Achieved Alignments

Allowing the surgical team to evaluate and confirm the amount of correction at key points to be able to revisit and optimize the surgical plan if needed.

Direct Confirmation of the Plan

Overlaying the intraoperative image with an uploaded surgical plan, allows quick evaluations of all translational and angular corrections at once.

Predictable Radiographic Outcomes

ConfirMap assists the surgical team in accurate execution of the surgical plan aiming for optimal radiographic outcomes.

  • Hip Replacement Solution

    Clinical Use Case 2:

    Hip Replacement Surgery

    ConfirMap provides access to accurate assessment of the acetabular cup alignments, as well as leg length and offset measurements during direct anterior approach hip replacement surgery. The system allows accurate registration of the pelvis on the OR table, thus accounting for the critical measures of the patient pelvic tilt, rotation, and obliquity on the OR table.

Cup Alignment

The system assists the surgical team evaluate and guide the acetabular cup orientation, following the augmented layer of analytics added to the conventional fluoroscopy.

Registering Pelvis in 3D

The provided measurements account for the critical pelvic orientation on the OR table using bi-planar views of the operative anatomy.

Leg-Length & Offset

Accurate calibrated view of the full width of the pelvis, provide easy access to complete intra-operative analytics including leg-length and offset measurements.