•  1  Visualize Anatomical Alignments

    ConfirMap provides a platform for visualizing anatomical alignments during operation by taking input from any conventional C-arm in conjunction with a proprietary spatial tracking and image processing technology. ConfirMap enables creating quick automatically-calibrated large composite views without the need for taking back to back overlapping fluoroscopic views which is essential for quick and safe radiographic assessment of alignments during operation.


    Visualize Alignments
  • Register Key Anatomies

     2  Register Operative Anatomies & Implants in 3D

    ConfirMap enables three-dimensional registration of the anatomies and implants on the operating table using bi-planar calibrated views of the patient anatomy. The User Interface of the system is equipped with tools uniquely designed for quick registering of the operative anatomies and implants, addressing specific requirements during spinal deformity correction and hip arthroplasty and resurfacing.

  •  3  Measure and Confirm
    the Surgical Plan

    ConfirMap provides a platform for superior image-based intra-operative analytics, with capabilities for accurate 2D/3D measurement based on bi-planar intra-operative images. As an unique mode of assessment, the surgical plan can also be directly uploaded from any surgical planning software and overlays on top of the intra-operative composite images for quick and accurate confirmation of the surgical plan.

    Measure and Confirm

    Value for All Stake-holders


ConfirMap provides the missing tool in the OR for accurate execution of the surgical plan. This is of paramount importance for reducing complication and improving patient outcomes and quality of life post-surgery.


ConfirMap helps surgeons make more informed decision during the operation. It eliminates the guesswork and uncertainties during operation by providing access to the analytical tools to measure and confirm the execution of the surgical plan.


Confirmap assists reduce costs associated with post-operative complications as well as un-necessary costly procedures by providing more accurate decision tools in the OR. The system streamlines with existing imaging equipment and workflow.

ConfirMap Plugs into Any C-arm

ConfirMap plugs into any conventional C-arm system and transforms the C-arm from a qualitative imaging device to an accurate quantitative tool.