Easy access to long radiographic measurements provides a reliable decision support feedback to the surgical staff during the course of the sugery. Removing the uncertainties from execution of the surgical plan is paramount for good outcomes and avoiding the need for repeated surgeries.

    At less than a quarter of the radiation dose from a long radiographic plain film, the system allows repeated measures at any desired point during surgery. The convenience and safe tool will encourage the surgical staff to check at multiple time points to assure the execution of the surgical objectives.

    Easy plug and play with available mobile C-arm Fluoroscopy makes the technology easily accessible to any surgical centre with standard imaging equipment. The intuitive touch-based graphical user interface allows convenient access to accurate assessments at the point of care.

Critical Alignment Measurements

Now Easily Available at Point of Care

  • Spinal Deformity Correction

    Spinal Deformity Correction

    Global and segmental coronal and sagittal spinpelvic readiographic measurements can be conveniently assessed based on limited number of fluoroscopic exposures
  • Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

    Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

    Leg length, offset, and Cup orientation, and Implant templating can be verified precisely based on the available fluoroscopy images and using intuitive graphical user interface during hip arthroplasty procedures.
  • Trauma / Joint Preservation

    Trauma / Joint Preservation

    Calibrated radiographic views spanning over critical reference landmarks allows accurate quantitative assessments for producing the desirable length and orientation in various osteotomy correction surgeries.

Torus Tracked C-arm.


  • Plug & Play with any C-arm

  • Intuitive GUI for the OR Staff

  • Smart Touch-based Interface

  • Fit with Routine Surgical Workflow

  • Smart Overlay of the Surgical Plan

  • Potential for Intra-op Templating

  • Potential Add-on to Surgical Navigation

  • Cost Effective / Broadly Accessible

Introduction to ConfirMap